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This bundle of Mr Passive Progressive, Dreams of Progress & Black Cat Metaphysics and Elements.

Progressive rock albums by Dreaming David K, full CD Albums included with booklet pages.

Total music running time is 4 hours!


Tracks include in Black Cat Metaphysics: 1 Out of the darkness. 2 Dragonhunter. 3 Multiverse theory. 4 Man makes mistakes. 5 Playing with fire. 6 Blue sky thinking. 7 Interstellar. 8 Dragonfood.


Tracks include in Dreams of Progress: 1 Dancing on a knife edge. 2 A line in the sand. 3 Holiday dreaming. 4 All at sea. 5 Moonlight fantasy. 6 Work in progress. 7 come superman. 8 Questions. 9 Magic radio. 10 moodswinger. 11 Sunshine. 


Track include in Mr Passive Progressive:  1 Save the human. 2 Lost in space. 3 A prayer. 4 Personality Game. 5 The big picture. 6 Topsy turvy lady. 7 In the moment now. 8 It's electric. 9 Don Quixote. 10 Time is shallow. 11 One last chance.


Tracks include in Elements:  1 Temptation. 2 Artistic. 3 A Touch of Passion. 4 Oh Memory. 5 The Truth. 6 Sliding Doors. 7 Live In Hope. 8 Gamer. 9 Wonderful City.

ALL FOUR PROG ALBUMS by Dreaming David K CD's

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