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The album  "The cosmic wavelength"  was compiled between 2001 and 2012. This is a collection of original songs with David`s usual lyrical and vocal edge. It is eclectic in sound and style  and features `Moog` synthesizer  and electronic keyboards as well as guitars, drums and brass. 

Magic radio
David K (The cosmic wavelength)
Keep it real
David K (The cosmic wavelength)

Marco Magnani  ( a.k.a. Marco Moon )  is David`s live and studio guitarist...

He is a recording artist and songwriter also.

Recently Marco has recorded several new tracks with David including; 
                             "There`s always a twist"

                                   "Love is the king"

                  and      "The heart of the city"
" I love the books and stories of Philip K Dick. Its great to see the new TV and film versions like; `The man in the high castle` and `Electric Dreams`."

"My fave music band is `Steely Dan`. They somehow mixed up blues,rock,jazz and progressive sounds like no other."

"My sister Ljubinka is an artist. I love the amazing paintings of Salvador Dali"

  Jerome Bannigan;
has played 


with David for many       years

              It once said on my school report " David will always be a                            dreamer". My mum and dad were not impressed!

                 Other  `long term`  musicians in the studio and live are;                    Carl Sterling    ...      Sax                          Mick Parker      ...    Drums
                         Gavin Beckwith   ...     Engineering

            everybody wants to go to heaven

    but nobody wants to die

  and what`s so mad about wanting to have

                  Heaven here on earth

             Nous sommes du soleil...

                          we are made of stardust