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Keep it real
David K (The cosmic wavelength)

The album  "The cosmic wavelength"  was compiled between 2005 and 2012. This is a collection of original songs with David`s usual lyrical and vocal edge. It is electric in sound and style  and features `Moog` synthesizer  and electronic keyboards as well as guitars, drums and brass. 

" I love the books and stories of Philip K Dick. Its great to see the new TV and film versions like; `The man in the high castle` and `Electric Dreams`."

"My fave music bands were `Genesis``The Strawbs``ELP``Camel` `King crimson` and`Steely Dan`. They all somehow mixed up ,rock,folk,jazz and progressive sounds into amazing music.

"My sister Ljubinka is an artist. I love the amazing paintings of Salvador Dali"

              It once said on my school report " David will always be a                            dreamer". My mum and dad were not impressed!

            everybody wants to go to heaven

    but nobody wants to die

 and whats so mad about wanting to have heaven here on earth

             Nous sommes du soleil...

                          we are made of stardust

I love how the human race is measuring and looking into the shape and size of creation.

"are we the consciousness of the universe?

the thoughts and actions of time...

are we just consequence of cosmic energy

evolving here to survive...?

Are we in the big picture?

                           `The big picture`  is from the album `Mr. passive progressive`