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The Cosmic Wavelength Album is the music compiled over 12 years prior to David's Progressive music. The songs are more singer/songwriter keyboard rock "a little more simple" to enjoy. 



1 Sometimes it's perect. 2 The heart of the city. 3 Gonna bring you down. 4 No Rhyme or reason. 5 Blues town man. 6 Are you good enough? 7 Magic radio. 8 Do the 69. 9 This time. 10 I still love you. 11 Rock my soul. 12 Love is the king. 13 Go forth and multiply. 14 More money. 15 blinded. 16 There's always a twist. 


All written and produced by Dreaming David K of course! 

2015 Running time is aprox 50 minutes + 

This is a CD with coloured jewelcase. 

THE COSMIC WAVELENGTH Album CD by Dreaming David K

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