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A review by Progzilla  `Mr.Passive Progressive`album

SCreenshot of review by Progzilla

"I found joy in equal measures whether listening to the CD on my hi-fi or the Mp3 files from my tablet/laptop etc. From David Kovacevic’s beginnings in a Prog band at school through his post punk tenure with Killing Joke he has come full circle claiming “I have been dreaming up this music since I was a teenager” he writes on the CD insert. Listening to this collection of impassioned songs wearing their influences on their sleeves I can well believe it.  A breath of fresh air."

" Opening the album with the never more poignant Save The Human the swathes of synth and Spanish guitar soon give way to a rockier, hard hitting plea highlighting the massive human and environmental crisis we find ourselves in. Gavin Beckwith’s guitar adds extra grip to David K’s excellent keyboard foray’s whilst drums and bass give an almost sense of relief that they are the real thing helping full band sound rather than a one-man army. "

"There are quite a few moments throughout the album where familiar musical passages and themes emerge, one of them being A Prayer. Borrowing a little of Mike Oldfield’s Tubular bells theme (unintendedly I suspect) A Prayer exudes a vibrant sound full of interesting sounds like an electric sitar sound which I am informed is created with a homemade guitar synth whilst David K plays a crisp electric piano and synth. Celestial voice is provided by Jo Devall who lends a spiritual feel theme as the title of the song would suggest. In sharp contrast Personality Game melds genres to create a variety pack of styles contained within one song. Once again, some great keys though I have to admit to being fooled by the jaunty synth motifs into thinking it was more a Eurovision style piece rather than a Prog, rock or standard pop song. The spoken word explains the premise of the song and the previous electro build up dies to a meaningful electric folk pastiche in the vein of Donavan et al. Darkness prevails though hidden within the lyrics exploring the grey part of the human condition lightened only by the tenor sax and trumpet. "

DPRP (prog) reviews;  `Black cat metaphysics`  Very good, a worthy album that you will return to frequently

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 `Right from the start it is kicking ass... a rich album that does n`t require many listening sessions to fully appreciate...`
Background Magasin The Netherlands

PROG MAG`s Grant Moon on `Dreams of progress`


Screenshow of review of Mr Passive Progressvie by Bill Blogs

" Quite a production....pretty original,very good! " Martin Turner ; WISHBONE ASH

" Synthesizer playing every bit as good as Rick Wakeman"  Steve Petch prog DJ.


Review by Progwinds

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