Dreaming  David  K

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   Progressive  `21 st century`  electric blues rock                                                                                                                  

I trusted you
David k (Under a blues spell)
Gonna bring you down
David k (Under a blues spell)
The heart of the city
David k (Under a blues spell)

Mr.King had a dream.  Mr.Lennon was a dreamer.

Dreaming Mr. David K dreams of    `oh yes `  you guessed it;

Peace on Earth. An end to war and famine. Racial and sexual equality.

Freedom, safety, hope and opportunity for everyone.

         "all the people sharing all the world...."

                                                                                       The album

                                                     ` Under a blues spell`

(2008 -2014)

includes;        "Blues town man"                               "Rock`n`roll heaven"

                        "Do the sixty nine"