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  The  New album    `Mr. Passive progressive`   
       By  Dreaming David k & Organic 

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" a breath of fresh air " 

          The PROGMEISTER, Progzilla radio

" plenty for fans of pure prog, characterful.."  

                      PROG Magazine

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If you like Camel,Genesis, ELP ,Yes, Greenslade etc.. I think you may like it.     

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Save the human
Organic (Passive progressive)

Dreaming David K... 

At an hour long with 11 tracks;  these all new recordings were made in 2019.   It all started in 1977 when I recorded a demo prog concept album with `school friends` at Muff Winwood`s old Smithy studio in Malvern. 40 years later an energy took me and demanded I went back to my prog roots.  It all grew in the making.There`s acoustic guitars & some grand piano. lyric questions on our place in the universe, flute comes and goes, harmony lead guitars abound, theres prog timing and lashings of keyboards by yours




                                         MARCO MAGNANI

 Solo and multiple acoustic guitar, Bass,  

                                                              Electric  guitar and electric Sitar sound.


Marco is a songwriter and recording artist from Italy. he has been my `live` guitarman` for 7 years now.

ON THE TEAM                                                            ALEXANDER SAVVA

PKA Xelavate
              Drums, Percussion

Alex is the youngest member of  ORGANIC. He is in his early 20`s and is a session drummer in the tradition of Phil Collins and Simon Phillips. Alex plays Funk,Rock and jazz on the London club scene.
ON THE TEAM                                                                                                                                                                                                              GAVIN BECKWITH

Solo and harmony lead guitar,
bass, penny whistle and violin.

Gavin has engineered this project from his GB Sound studio in London.

The Big Picture
Organic (Passive Progressive)

Also on this album is a guest vocal performance by Lady jazz singer 


And Flute and Saxophone by



Don`t shoot me I`m only the piano player

Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

could it be we`re just a flower in bloom,hidden here in space time?

and of course... I am not Don Quixote , I am Dreaming....David...K 

Mr.King had a dream.  Mr.Lennon was a dreamer.

Dreaming David K dreams of    `oh yes `  you guessed it;

Peace on Earth. An end to war and famine. Racial and sexual equality.

Freedom, safety, hope and opportunity for everyone.

         "all the people sharing all the world...."

and please a future for our wonderful wildlife !

    `Mr PASSIVE PROGRESSIVE` by ORGANIC      if you would like the whole album on CD with artwork Send an E mail;  its £10 all inc.

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